Game Designer

Software Used:

Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Office

Created for:

Game Design 1 Class

About Top Shot

Top Shot was a Nine Card Nano game where players must flip coins to hit the target for points. Each card has the distance tracked by yards, the points they get if they hit, and the coins they have to flip, with each coin showing whether it must be heads or tails. If the player hits the target, they place a chip on the target card. If they miss, they place it off to the side of the target card. At the end of 5 rounds, you could sacrifice some points for a chance to gain some arrows back that you missed. The game ends when all 12 arrows are “shot” and whoever had the most points wins.

What Did I Do?

I was the sole creator of the game which means I did the following:

  • Came up with the idea
  • Created the game flow
  • Wrote the rules
  • Made the cards
  • Playtest
  • Iterations based off feedback


Top Shot was the most successful analog game I ever made, and it taught me how to use game conventions that were common in the genre and make my own game based around those conventions. I also learned how to use Microsoft Excel to data transfer into InDesign. I learned how to apply concepts from UI/UX and Game Design to create an analog game of my own.