UI/UX Designer, Artist

Software Used:

Adobe Illustrator, Unity, Unity Teams, Discord

Created for:

Game Design 1 Class

About Swineceror

Swineceror is a 2-D bullet hell shooter. In the game, you played as Tilly, a pig wizard that controls fire, water, earth, and air to defeat three waves of enemies using the element that matched.

What Did I Do?

I designed the UI and Menu screens for the game. I wanted the UI to look like a table with scrolls on it, and I wanted to make the player read as little as possible and have a lot of graphics, which led to the design of the menu screens.

I also made all the art in the game, including character sprites, enemy sprites, backgrounds, and bullets.


The art was cohesive and exciting. Players were able to visualize from the How to Play menus what the goals were, what they needed to do to win, and things to look out for and avoid. I also learned how to work in a team I didn’t know anything about.