UI/UX Designer, Game Designer

Software Used:

Unity, G Suite, Discord

Created For:

Game Design 2


What is it?

Platform Delusions is a prototype rhythm platformer game where the player must jump across a series of platforms in order to escape a musical world. The highlights of the project include the dynamic lighting and platform moving systems. In these systems, the speed, movement, and timing of the platforms and lights in the game change dependent on what the song in the background is.


What did I do?

I helped facilitate ideation and brainstorming, and I was in charge of player testing. Specific tasks include:

  • Facilitating the schedule
  • Locking down ideas
  • Manage scope control
  • Implement UI
  • Sketch out player flow and make changes to it
  • Designed the playtest form
  • Facilitate playtesting
  • Analyze playtest results and devise plan to implement player feedback
  • Identify pain points in level design, balancing, and various systems to improve overall player experience



Out of 30+ prototypes across 3 different sections of Game Design 2, Platform Delusions got the highest grade and was regarded as the best prototype to come out the class.

This project taught me how to work and communicate with team members with different mindsets, as we all had different methods of communication and different methods of working on projects. This project also taught me a lot about the importance of scope control, and how to be realistic when planning and setting goals for myself and the team. Overall, I am incredibly proud of how Platform Delusions turned out, and this is a project I would love to continue in the future as a side project.