UI/UX Lead

Software Used:

Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Unity, Github, Discord

Other Skills:

Interpersonal communication, Public Speaking

Created for:

FUSE, Peoria Riverfront Museum


About Nebula

Nebula was created for the FUSE 2019 showcase, which is Bradley University’s Interactive Media Showcase that takes place once a year in the last weekend of April at the Peoria Riverfront Museum. FUSE is an outlet to let us create large scale projects and allows all the disciplines (Game Design, Animation, UI/UX) the opportunity to work together in large teams, which would typically never happen in a classroom.

Nebula is an educational build your own planet experience, where you can choose between creating a gas giant or terrestrial planet.

In the terrestrial planet, you’re able to:

  • Paint Biomes
  • Paint Mountains
  • Paint Plant-life
  • Give it an Atmosphere and pick the color

In the Gas Giant, you can:

  • Pick the planet color
  • Slide on the bands and change their color
  • Create rings and choose the colors

Once submitted, the planets will give you scientific facts based on the planet created.

When Nebula was pitched, the Peoria Riverfront Museum showed interest in keeping Nebula as a permanent exhibit, which is a first for any FUSE project in the five years it’s been running. Nebula was produced not only for FUSE but with the museum in mind.

What Did I Do?

As the UI/UX lead, I was in charge of interaction design. This included:

  • Taking overall ideas the whole team had and fleshed them out
  • Created initial sketches and iterated upon them
  • Game Controls
  • Game Features
  • Game Flow
  • Final Scientific Facts
  • UI Placement
  • UI Layout
  • UI Design
  • Created Various UI Elements
  • Conduct Player Testing
  • Analyzed Feedback
  • Communicated with the Museum about the Scientific Facts, and executing changes at their request.

On top of Interaction Design, I also helped the Team and Vice Team Leads with the following:

  • Keeping Schedule and Scope
  • Presented the project
  • Attended meetings with Faculty in charge of FUSE
  • Attended meetings with the Clients
  • Proposed changes and was involved with the final decisions


As of February 2020, Nebula is currently preparing to be installed in the Peoria Riverfront Museum as a temporary exhibit, then will be turned into a permanent exhibit once FUSE 2020 concludes on April 25, 2020. Working on Nebula for 2 years, I learned how to work on a project long term from research to polishing, and how to work with a client along the way.