UI/UX Designer

Software Used:

Adobe XD

Created for:

Intro to Design Class, DYME

About DYME

DYME is a start-up company where users would be able to rent formalwear for weddings, sorority/fraternity galas, homecoming, prom, and more for a week, then ship it back to the seller to be rented out again.

What Did I Do?

I was brought in by my professor to create a tappable app prototype as class credit, as DYME would be competing with other start-ups and needed a website or app to show their idea. This process included:

  • Multiple meetings with the members of DYME
  • Creating my timelines for designs
  • Sketching
  • High-Fidelity Wireframing
  • Hooking up a prototype


The competition led to DYME becoming a finalist out of 30 ideas. Out of the six finalists DYME placed second place overall.

As of May 2019, I have officially completed design work for DYME on the mobile side of things. As of right now, DYME is currently trying to come up with the next steps for starting their company, and my designs will help them get a website up and going for the future.

I also learned more about the business side of UI/UX. This includes the following:

  • Translating a business model into a tangible website/app
  • Communication with clients
  • How to work on a deadline