I’m Kenzie Lindgren. I study User Experience Design and Game Design and I’ll be graduating in May 2021 from Bradley University.

After being told for years by counselors, peers, and family I couldn’t be in the Video Game Industry, I decided to be in the Industry anyways. I’ve been wanting to work in the Video Game Industry since I was 10 years old, but I was never good at the technical aspects of game design. I am good at emotions, communication, and connecting and understanding people though, so when I learned about User Experience Design, I fell in love and have been studying it, along with Game Design, since I started at Bradley University in August 2018.

Since beginning school, I have been on five client projects, led my own User Experience Design team, worked an internship at Deep Silver Volition, and I’m currently acting as executive producer for FUSE 2020.

Between my time at Deep Silver Volition and school, I’ve taken particular interest in Interaction Design and Human Center Design, using both to give players the best possible experience when playing games or using an application.

When I’m not creating Player Experiences, I’m usually hanging out with friends, going for walks outside, or practicing my archery skills on the range.

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